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As Professor Emeritus of Natural Resources, and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at University of Arizona, Dr. Guy R.McPherson taught and conducted research for twenty award-winning years. His scholarly work on conservation of biological diversity has produced hundreds of articles and a dozen books, including
"Walking Away from Empire," "Going Dark," "Extinction Dialogs: How to live with death in mind," co-authored with collapse psychologist Carolyn Baker, and "Ms. Ladybug and Mr. Honeybee: A Love Story at the End of Time" for children 11 years and older, co-authored and illustrated by Pauline Panagiotou Schneider.

In-demand as a climate change speaker, Dr. McPherson has lectured in The United States, Canada, Ecuador, The European Economic Union, and New Zealand, about the two primary consequences of fossil-fuel addiction: global climate change, and energy decline. Dr. McPherson's presentations are of interest to a wide variety of audiences, from university departments, to nonprofits, scientific symposia, media outlets, and conventions. In 2014, Dr. McPherson spoke at the "Earth At Risk" conference in San Francisco, CA with Dr. Vandana Shiva, Derek Jensen, and Chris Hedges.

Dr. McPherson has appeared on television with science educator Bill Nye for National Geographic's "Bill Nye's Global Meltdown" and with host Thom Hartmann on "Conversations with Great Minds." Watch more films featuring Dr. McPherson HERE.

Dr. McPherson hosts a popular blog called "Nature Bats Last," and a podcast of the same name, airing on the Progressive Radio Network (PRN).

A trusted arbitrator and consultant, Dr. McPherson's esteemed clients include:

American Institute of Architecture Students
Association for Fire Ecology
U.S. Department of Defense
University of Arizona Vagina Warriors
La Posada Retirement Community
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
Quivira Coalition
Sky Island Alliance
The Nature Conservancy